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Yellow Colour Symbols and Symbolic

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Symbolic and Meanings of Symbols of the Color Yellow

Yellow Ink Tattoo

Tatouage encre jaune - Symboles de la couleur jaune - Blog L'Homme Tattoo Est Symbolique

  • Intense, violent, shrill to the point of stridence, or as large and blinding as molten metal, yellow is the warmest, the most expansive, the most ardent of colors, difficult to extinguish, and always overflowing with frames where we would like to grip it.
  • The rays of the sun, crossing the azure sky, manifest the power of the deities of the beyond: in the Aztec pantheon Huitzilopochtli, the triumphant Warrior, God of the sun of Noon, is painted blue and yellow.
  • The yellow, golden light, has a cratophanic value and the pair of gold-azure enamel opposes the pair Maw-Sinople, as opposed to what comes from above and what comes from below.
  • The field of their confrontation is the skin of the earth, our skin, which becomes yellow at the approach of death.

Diadème d'une goutte d'eau sur fond jaune - Symboles de la couleur jaune - Blog L'Homme Tattoo Est Symbolique

  • In the yellow-blue pair, the yellow color of light and life can not tend to obscure and Kandinsky saw it: "the yellow has such a tendency to clear that there can be no very dark yellow, so it can be said that there is a deep, physical affinity between yellow and white "(KANS).
  • He is the vehicle of youth, of strength, of divine eternity, and he is the color of the gods: Zoroaster, according to Anquetil, means shining golden star, liberal, living star.

Tulipes jaunes sur fond noir

  • The Golden Light sometimes becomes a two-way communication path, a mediator between men and gods.
  • Thus Frazer emphasizes that a golden knife was used in India for the great sacrifices of the horse because gold is light and because it is by means of the golden light that the sacrificed one gains the kingdom of the gods (FRAG, 2, 80 n.3 after The Sathapata Brahmana).

Mur peint à la peinture jaune

  • In Mexican cosmology, the golden yellow is the color of the new skin of the earth, at the beginning of the rainy season, before it turns green, and is therefore associated with the mystery of Renewal.
  • For this reason Xipe Totec Our Lord the skinned, deity of the spring rains, is also god of goldsmiths.
    During the Spring Festival, his priests put on the yellow-painted skins of the victims who were being tortured to reconcile this formidable divinity (SOUM).
    And the golden yellow was indeed the attribute of Mithra in Persia and Apollo in Greece.


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