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White Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


White Ink Tattoo

White Ink Tattoo man - White Symbols


White Colour Symbols

  • The symbols of the white are so inked in our Western cultures, that to find the principal, no need to be an expert, this makes white a completely universal symbol.

Cigne blanc sur l'eau avec reflets du soleil


Une femme blonde avec une robe blanche et un cheval blanc
  • If today this tradition has evolved, for many centuries, until again, not even half a century ago, wearing a white dress, at church, the day of her wedding was the sign of purity , Innocence and Virginity.
  • This symbolism has been found in all cultures and religions for thousands of years.
  • For many religions still, white is also directly related to the Divine and therefore to Perfection.


    • Kandinsky, who took a different look at colors, than simple aesthetics, said "... White, which is often considered a non-color ... is like the symbol of a world where all colors , as properties of material substances, have vanished ... White, on our soul, acts like absolute silence ... This silence is not dead, it is full of living possibilities ... It is a nothing full of youthful joy or, to put it better, a nothing before birth, before any beginning. "
    Une feuille blanche sur une table avec des peintures et un pinceau


    • The white - candidus - is the color of the candidate, that is to say of the one who will change his condition (the candidates for the public functions dressed in white), and he is the color of passage, in the sense that one speaks about rites of passages: and it is precisely the color Privileged of these rites, by which the mutations of the being take place, according to the classical scheme of all Initiation: Death and Renaissance.

    Afriquain avec peinture blanche sur le visage

    • We find this idea of ​​symbolism in many rites and many cultures, as for example in Black Africa, in initiatory rituals that punctuate all social life, kaolin white (neutral white), is worn on the faces of young people circumcised, sometimes even over their whole body, to mark that they are momentarily outside the social body, until the day they become a complete and responsible man, the white will give way to red.


    • The white appears at the precise point of the Passage of the Dawn, at this moment when the Celestial vault reappears, empty still of colors, but rich of the potential of manifestation of which microcosm and macrocosmos have Reloaded, in the manner of an electric battery, during the passage in the nocturnal belly, source of all Energy.
    • This color of Dawn, this moment of total emptiness, between night and day, where the dream world still covers all reality: being is inhibited, suspended in a hollow and passive whiteness, it is for this reason the color dresses of the communicants and that of the bride going to his nuptials: they say wedding dress, but no, it is the dress of the bride who goes to the marriage, and this one accomplished, the white will give way to the red one as is the first manifestation of the awakening of the day.

    Paysage de campagne à l'aube



    • For the Celts, only druids could wear white, symbol of Purity and Knowledge, alone, in fact not quite, because the king too, could wear it, since the white was also a symbol Royal and Power.

    Gants blancs militaires



    • For those who knew, there are dozens of years, the military service like me, there is still a symbol that we know all necessarily, ... When, arrived the day of departure in Permission and that stood inspection of the room by a superior, he put his white gloves and passed his finger on the cabinets and other surfaces to check if the dust had been made, the white is also a symbol of Cleanliness, widely used, among others, in Communication visual.


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