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Virgin Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Virgin Tattoo

Virgin Tattoo Man - Virgin Symbols


Virgin Symbols

  • Sixth sign of the Zodiac just before the autumnal equinox, it is a symbol of harvest, work, manual dexterity, minutia, it is the second sign of Mercury, which acts here in a lower way earthly and practical only in the sign of Gemini, which corresponds to the airy aspect of the messenger of the gods.

Constellation du signe de la Vierge

  • With the Virgin, we are at the end of the annual cycle of the Earth element; before the cold land of Capricorn, that of winter sowing; after the hot, humid and hot soil of Taurus, covered with the verdant and fragrant vegetation of Spring.
  • Here, there is a soil parched by the summer sun and exhausted of nutritive virtues, on which lies the mown spike, until the dry grain is detached from the spike, along with its envelope.

Zodiaque du signe de la Vierge

  • The plant cycle ends on a new, virgin land, destined to receive the seed later.
  • Hence the representation of the sign by a young girl, winged virgin with spike or sheaf.
  • Mercury is the rector's planet: at the time of harvest and reunion, where the result is weighed and calculated, we are indeed in a world that is differentiated, specialized, selects, identifies, shrinks, strips off, assigns specific limits.
  • The virgin difference is more like an exercise in style aimed at the linear purity of the arabesque.

Photo de la Galaxie de la Vierge



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