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Violet colour Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Violet Ink Tattoo

Violet Ink Tattoo man - Violet colour symbols


Violet Colour Symbols

  • Color of temperance, made of an equal proportion of red and blue, of lucidity and thoughtful action, of balance between earth and sky, senses and spirit, passion and intelligence, love and wisdom.

Coucher de soleil sur la mer aux couleurs violettes


    • The Arcanum XIV of the Tarot, named Temperance, represents an angel holding in his hands two vases, one blue, the other red, between which a colorless fluid, the vital water, and the violet, are exchanged. invisible on this representation, is the result of this perpetual exchange between the chthonic red of the impulsive force and the celestial blue.
    • Van Rijnberk comments on this slide in these terms: "It is generally considered as the symbol of alchemy, it seems to me that it can also indicate a spiritual transfusion ... The influence exercised from man to man by suggestion Persuasion, hypnotic influence, Mesmerite domination, magic finally ... The dogma of the transmigration of souls or of Reincarnation seems to be expressed by this blade in an obvious way. The act of pouring from one vase into the other is taken as the synonym for metempsychosis."
    Cristaux violet de pierre


    Fleurs de lavande couleur violette
    • Purple, on the horizon of the vital circle, is opposite to green: it signifies not the spring passage from death to life, that is, evolution, but the autumnal passage from life to life. death, involution, violet is connected to the "mouth" that swallows and extinguishes the light, and the violet is the color of the secret: behind it will be accomplished the invisible mystery of reincarnation or, while least, of transformation.

    Coucher de soleil avec lumière violette

    • "This is why, on the symbolic monuments of the Middle Ages, Jesus Christ wears the violet robe during the passion" (PORS, 234), that is to say when he has completely assumed his incarnation, and that, at the moment of accomplishing his sacrifice, he totally marries in Man, son of the earth, whom he will redeem, with the celestial spirit, imperishable, in which he will return.


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