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Viking Tree of Life Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Viking Tree of Life Tattoo

Viking Tree of Life Tattoo - tree of Life Symbols


Viking Tree of Life Symbols

  • it is thus a universal symbol.
  • It is with the Vikings that this tree is most often known, and it is on its summit that their God Odin throne, they called this tree "Yggdrasil".

Arbre de vie stylisé avec ciel nuageux blanc et rouge

  • For the religious side, it was planted by God in the Garden of Eden and symbolizes Eternity and Immortality.

Arbre dans un bol en verre

  • As seen on this tattoo, it has an impressive plume of branches, which gives it to be strong and powerful, but also a symbol of protection.
  • But there is the non-visible part, as it is also shown on this Tattoo, with the roots that connect it and attach it to the earth, we often see there the symbol of the Elevation of the Spirit to walk towards his Personal Development,
  • There is also a form of goodness and wisdom that emerges in this representation, and it is normal because it also represents the symbols.
  • With the elements that constitute it, roots, trunk, branches and leaves, it is for certain religions, a link between the Terrestrial and the Air, between the Men and the Divine.
  • But for other cultures, its elements would be the Spiritual Journey of the individual towards his or her Enlightenment.

Arbre sans feuilles sur un coucher de soleil orangé

  • The tree of life, or the tree of knowledge found in various cultures, such as Christians, is also related to knowledge.
  • He has "broad shoulders" because all the kingdoms and all the universe rests on him.



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