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Unicorn Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Unicorn Tattoo

Unicorn Tattoo man - Unicorn Symbols

Unicorn Symbols

  • The medieval unicorn is a symbol of Power, essentially expressed by the horn, but also by pomp and purity.
  • We find these virtues in ancient China, where the Unicorn is the royal emblem and symbolizes the royal virtues.
  • The unicorn is par excellence the auspicious animal, but nevertheless, it contributes to the royal justice, by striking the guilty with its horn, and it also fights against the sun and eclipses it: it "devours" them.

Montage photo d'une licorne dans le ciel

  • The "Unicorn Dance" is a popular celebration in the Far East at Mid-Autumn Festival, but the unicorn seems to be a variant of the dragon, another royal symbol, but especially the master of the rain. with its fight against the sun, which is responsible for the calamitous droughts, and who could explain this connection.
  • Like the dragon, the unicorn could have originated in the contemplation of the clouds, the innumerable forms, but always heralding the fertilizing rain.

Image d'une licorne qui cabre avec la pleine lune en fond

  • The unicorn also symbolizes, with its unique horn in the middle of the forehead, spiritual arrow, solar ray, sword of God, the divine revelation, the penetration of the divine into the creature, and it represents in Christian iconography the Virgin impregnated by the Holy Spirit.
  • This unique horn can symbolize a step on the path of differentiation: from biological creation (sexuality) to psychic development (asexual unity) and sexual sublimation, but also is it, at the same time, the symbol of spiritual fecundity.

Images avec 2 licornes dont une qui se cabre

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