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Turquoise Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Turquoise Ink Tattoo

Tourquoise Ink Tattoo man - Turquoise Symbols


Turquoise Symbols

    • In France, in the youth of the 80s, many young people had their period called "baba cool", and the hippie movements of the 70s still had importance, and turquoise was their favorite stone.
    • This seems more than logical because among these many symbols, there is friendship, love, harmony, joy and peace: "peace and love"

    Turquoise sur un rocher

    • Long before the hippie movements, she was already the stone of the poets.
    • If the pre-Columbian Indians wore big necklaces in turquoises, it's quite normal, because the Aztecs, for example, have made a sacred stone, attached to their sun god.
    • It also brings a form of balance, and it is often worn for its strength and protection.

    Plumes couleur turquoise


    They inspired us !

    Thank's to Jean Chevalier

    et Alain Gheerbrant

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