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Symbolic and Symbols of the Triangle

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Triangle Tattoo

Triangle Tattoo man - Symbols of the Triangle


Symbols of the Triangle

    • As its name indicates, the triangle is made up of 3 angles, and its symbolism covers that of the numeral 3, and this geometrical figure keeps Secret the symbols which correspond to this figure.

      Le triangle et les pyramides


      • Analogous to the little nail formed by the budding corn germ, when it breaks the surface of the ground, 4 days after the burying of the seed, for the ancient Mayas, the triangle is the glyph of the Solar Ray, and attached to the sun and corn, the triangle is doubly symbol of fertility.
      Sulpture de triangles en pierre


      Homme qui forme un triangle avec ses deux mains
      • There are different types of triangles and the associated symbols may differ: "The triangle, the tip up (as on the tattoo above), symbolizes fire and male sex, the tip down, it symbolizes water and Solomon's bucket is composed of two inverted triangles and especially signifies human wisdom.The equilateral triangle, in the tradition of Judaism, symbolizes God, whose name it is forbidden to pronounce. " (KNIGHT and GHEERBRANT).


      Triangle on our collections

      Bracelet en métal avec des triangles pour homme



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      et Alain Gheerbrant

      20 $ and Many Symbols



      Summary of the Symbols of our Blog


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