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Symbolic and Symbols of the Square

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Square Tattoo

 Square Tattoo - Symbols of the square


Symbols of the Square

      • The square is one of the most symbolic geometrical figures, and universally used in the language of symbols.
      • It is one of the four fundamental symbols (according to CHAS, 28), with the center, the circle and the cross.
      • He is the symbol of the earth, as opposed to heaven, but also, on another level, he is the symbol of the created universe, earth and sky, as opposed to the uncreated and the creator: he is the antithesis of the transcendent.
      • The square is composed of straight lines and corners, which make it a purely Secure and Structured figure.

      fenêtres carrés sur la lune

        • The square is the figure that composes the cube, and the latter placed on one of its square faces will remain in place, the square symbolizes Stability and Order.
        • This geometric figure is impossible to achieve by hand, without instruments, it is a perfect figure.
        • His perfect form is the sign of the creation of man, and is related to the perfection and thought of the latter.

        plaque de carrés en métal

        • Its stable and perfect shape also brings a notion of balance.
        • And in some cultures, it is inspiring.
        • If the square is an architectural form very used in the buildings of many religions for its symbol of Divine Perfection, altars, temples, etc ... the square also evokes, in its strict limits, the sense of secrecy and occult power.
        • In the Christian tradition, the square because of its equal shape on all four sides, symbolizes the Cosmos and its four corner pillars designate the four elements: earth, fire, air and water.

        Bâtiments carrés

        • In Hindu culture, it represents the natural order of the Universe.
        • The cardinal points: North, South, East, West.The four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.
        • The four cosmic elements: Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars.
        • And the four elements that make up the whole universe: Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

        Carré magique sur un mur en pierres sculptées


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