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Symbolic and Symbols of the Spiral

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Tattoo Spiral Braided Rope

Spiral Tattoo - Symbols of the spiral


Symbols of the Spiral

  • The Spiral is a figure very represented in the natural environment, as in the vegetable kingdom with the vine, or in the animal kingdom with the snail, the shells, etc ... It evokes the Evolution of a Force, of a State.

Spirale sur une coquille d'escargot sur une feuille avec une coccinelle

  • We find this figure in all cultures, and always loaded with symbolic meanings: "It is an Open and Optimistic motif, nothing is easier, when we left one end of this spiral, than 'reach the other end." (BRIL)

spirale de l'eau qui s'écoule

  • For (CHAS): "It manifests the appearance of the circular movement coming out of the original point, this movement, it maintains it and prolongs it to the Infinite, it is the type of endless lines which incessantly connect the two ends of the to become ... [The spiral is and symbolizes] emanation, extension, development, cyclical continuity but in progress, creative rotation. "

Spirale d'un cyclone vu depuis l'espace

  • For the Maya, the winter solstice is symbolically the zero moment of their cosmology, which spiraled for Symbol. This is the critical moment when it is necessary to ensure the "re-departure" of the annual cycle, without which it would be the end of the world, and under the terror provoked by this threat, we know the insane human sacrifices that the Aztecs practiced for give strength and blood to the Sun, so that he begins his race again.


The spiral on our collections

Bracelet en métal en spirale pour homme Bracelet en métal spiralé avec 2 têtes de mort pour homme Bracelet en métal spiralé avec deux cubes



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