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Symbolic and Symbols of the Silver

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Silver Armor Tattoo

Silver Tattoo - Symbols of Silver


Symbols of the Silver

  • Precious metal, since the beginning of time it has been a sign of wealth and power.
  • Very early in the history of our humanity, this metal turned into coins, various objects and valuable jewels, in the "beautiful world", we took the silverware to receive, it was always a symbol of power and power that we like to display.
  • We associate the silver metal with the white color, the word derives from a Sanskrit word meaning white and brilliant, so it is not surprising that the money is a symbol of Royal dignity.

Forgeron dans sa forge en feu

    • A strong bright white light can be released under the rays of the sun, to the point of becoming dazzling, it is symbol of purity.
    • For Christians, this symbol of purity is associated with the Divine.
    • He is the divine Light reflected in the limpidity of the water.
      He is also the symbol of Franchise.

    papier aluminium argenté


    • Its high capacity of Reflection of the light, its great Shine under the rays of the sun, make that this color is regarded as Modern.
    • That's why in visual communication, we use this color to evoke the New Technologies.

    Nouvelles technologies argentées

    • Because of its color and appearance, this precious metal represents transparency, psyche, soul and the inner world.
    • In the system of correspondence of metals and planets, money is associated with the moon.
    • In this context, we often speak of "lunar metal".
    • This metal refers to pure light such as the brilliance of the diamond.
    Paillettes argentées



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      Thank's to Jean Chevalier

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