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Symbolic and Symbols of the Round

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Black Round Tattoo

Black Round Tattoo - Symbols of the Round


Symbols of the Round

  • The symbolism of the round is intimately linked to that of the circle.
  • Pure figure drawn from the human spirit, it is symbol of Perfection, because of the complexity of its realization, and its inexistence almost in the natural environment.

Rons dans une eau bleue

  • When the round allowed, in history, the invention of the wheel, this transformation and this unprecedented change, greatly allowed the improvement of Movements and Evolution.

Roue de locomotive à vapeur ronde

  • In Celtic culture, it is of paramount importance in Magic, positioning itself in the center of a circle was a barrier to the forces of evil.
  • Then turned on the side of the forces of good, the round is a Celestial symbol.

Puit rond en pierre


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