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Symbolic and Symbols of the Ring

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Tattoo Rings on a finger

Tattoo Rings on a finger - Symbols of the ring


Symbols of the Ring

  • The ring has many symbols, and among them, in many tales and legends, as in the Lord of the Rings for example, it is often related to Circles and Magic Powers. "MY Precious ones ..."
  • In the Middle Ages, it was worn as an amulet, because it lent him the ability to repel the harmful influences.

Anneau en flamme

  • The ring participates in the Solar symbolism of the circle, so it is Perfect because this figure, purely human, does not exist in the natural environment.
  • When we look at a circle, we see a whole, a harmony, there is no break, no beginning, no end, and it becomes Symbol of Infinity.
Anneau solaire au dessus des dunes de sable
  • This round, circular shape gives the circle a representation that exudes sweetness and makes it a symbol of harmony.
  • It has neither opening nor closing, it is continuous, and marks an immobilization which symbolizes an accepted and often reciprocal commitment (wedding alliance, ring of the novice), it is the symbol of the Link between people.
  • Historiquement, dans le domaine de la superstition, un anneau qui se rompt était le signe de Mauvais Présages.

Saturne avec son anneau

  • For pre-Columbian civilizations, it is attached to the Sun God, it is for them, the symbol of Power, the supreme power of their divinity.
  • It is to a ring, says the legend, that Solomon owed his wisdom, and the Arabs say that one day he marked with the seal of this ring all the demons he had collected for his works of divination and they became his slaves.
  • He lost it once in the Jordan and had to wait for a fisherman to bring him back to him to recover his intelligence, but was not it a jealous genius who had stolen the ring of Solomon, wondered esoteric authors, for to use his power until God compels him to cast that ring into the sea, that he may be returned to Solomon (GRIA, 89).
  • For the following civilizations, the Pharaohs, or the Kings, and even for the Ecclesiastical chiefs, it has always been the emblem of the Divine Power, which concretizes the power and the Spiritual, Intellectual or Material domination.

Anneau de bulles d'air dans l'eau


Tatouage anneau sur l'avant bras d'un homme - Boutique L'Homme Tattoo Est



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