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Symbolic and Symbols of the Rectangle

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Rectangle Tattoo

Rectangle Tattoo - Symbols of the rectangle

Symbols of the Rectangle

  • The rectangle is a figure we all met at school with mathematics, it is a human construction that is not in the natural world.

Architecture avec des rectangles


    • If the Lumière brothers, inventors of the cinema, chose this format to film and project their images, it is not for nothing!
    • We find in the movie all the symbols of the rectangle,
    • It makes the images bigger, stronger,
    • It reinforces the power felt by the spectator to the projection of a superb panorama,
    • And it will give him a feeling of rest and stability,
    • But it can, in contrast, in a very rhythmic sequence, also bring dynamism.
    Fenêtres en rectangle
      • This figure plays a particularly important role in the Masonic symbolism, under the name of "long square". It is placed in the Masonic Temples at about the place occupied by labyrinths in the churches.It is paved in with square slabs, black and white, alternating, constituting the mosaic pavement.



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