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Symbolic and Symbols of the Cube

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Cubic Tattoo

Cubic Tattoo - Symbols of the Cube


Symbols of the Cube

  • The cube is not a simple figure because in the natural environment, it exists more than Rarely.
  • Only Pyrite is sometimes found with iron ore, which has a cubic form.

cube de pyrite

  • Put a cube on a flat surface, it will not move, it is one of the oldest Stability symbols in the world, which is already found in Egyptian Antiquity.

Dessin fantaisie avec un gros cube sur le sol à côté d'un cheval blanc

  • If we find cubes at the foot of some royal thrones, it is because it is also a symbol of Solidity.

le cube dans l'architecture

  • In Freemasonry, the cube is the result of the work of the Apprentice on his rough stone, a long work on self, self-education to work on his Truths and attain a form of Wisdom whose purpose is to perfect his Spirit in his ability to Listen, his Reflection and Reasoning.

The cube on our collections

Bracelet en métal avec deux cubes pour homme Bracelets pierres naturelles avec une tête de mort et un cube en métal pour homme Bracelet oeil de tigre avec un cube en métal pour homme



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