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Symbolic and Symbols of the Cross

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Crucifix Tattoo

Cross Tattoo - Symbols of the Cross


Symbols of the Cross

      • The cross is composed of a vertical representing the male part of the universe, a horizontal line, which symbolizes the feminine part, and an intersection synonymous with union.
      • This point of union links the material and spiritual world, the two great components of life.
      • This point makes it possible to connect the material world with that of the spirit.

        Croix lumineuse bleue dans le ciel noir

          • The symbolism of the cross goes back to the dawn of time, and already in a region of the ancient city of Troy, this symbol was connected to a disc with rays, it was a Solar symbol.
          • It is also found on pottery of the Bronze Age among the Gauls, but also among the Indians with always the same symbol Solar.
          Croix noire peinte sur le visage d'un homme
          • It is in the year 300 that Christians adopt it definitively as a symbol of their religion and spirituality.
          • They associate it with the death of Jesus and his Resurrection, it symbolizes the Renewal, the New Life.
          • For the Romans, she was an instrument of punishment.
          • But other cultures around the world have adopted this sign.
          Croix sur un rocher face à la mer au lever du soleil
          •  Historically, many sailors and soldiers had her tattooed for divine protection.


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