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Symbolic and symbols of the circle

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Tattoo Circle on the arm

Tattoo circle on a man's forearm

Circle Symbols

  • The circle is recognized by many symbolists as one of the most important, and would be even the "second fundamental symbol" (according to CHAS)
  • It is said of the circle that it is at first an extended point, and its symbolism participates in its perfection, they have common symbolic properties of Perfection, Homogeneity, absence of distinction and division.
Tatouage cercle dans le dos d'un homme - circle tattoo on back man
  • The circular movement is perfect, immutable, without beginning or end, nor variants, and this allows it to symbolize the Time, but also the Heaven, with the circular and unalterable movement ...
  • And this celestial symbolism for Chas: "The circle symbolizes the activity of the sky, its dynamic insertion into the cosmos, its causality, its exemplarity, its provident role.Therefore, it joins symbols of the divinity bent on creation, of which she produces, rules and orders life. "

      cercle solaire autour de la lune

      • Very early on, in the history of humanity, we find the representation of the circle, and its discovery is at the origin of the invention of the wheel, it therefore means Knowledge and Intelligence.
      • The circle stands for Unity, Completeness, Illumination, Cycle of Life and Renaissance, Wheel of Life, and in many religious traditions, an eye that sees everything and knows everything.
      • The circle is the most common symbol, and of universal significance.

      Cercles dans l'eau

      • From the small classes, we had all in the kit a compass, whose utility was to draw our circles, and for good reason, it is a complex figure to achieve by hand, which makes, as we have seen, a pure symbol of perfection.
      • This perfection makes the circle have a perfect balance and is self-sufficient, and this form of autonomy gives the circle the symbol of the absolute.
      • It is one of the first forms drawn by humans.

      Cercle de flammes bleues

        • When we look at a circle, we see a whole, a harmony, there is no break, no beginning, no end, and it becomes Symbol of Infinity.
        • This round, circular shape gives the circle a representation that exudes sweetness and makes it a symbol of harmony.

          Cercles d'huile dans l'eau

          • It has neither beginning nor end, so it is the symbol of Eternity, Perfection, Divinity, Infinity ...
          • He represents the cycles of the natural world.

          Tatouage Cercle noir sur l'avant bras d'un homme

          • For the Indian people, the circle is very important because it represents the unity of the family and the tribe and that is why tepees and encampments are installed in a circle, in addition to a defense.
          • By extension it is a symbol of peace and meeting.
          • If the Indians are symbolized by the circle (the nature), the white men, on the other hand, are symbolized by the square: the city, the buildings, their world is only a succession of angle, with the inverse effects of the circle.
          • In opposition to the square that represents the body, the circle symbolizes the spirit.
          • The round jewels are removed from the dead to let the soul join the deity, so the circle is no longer a barrier of protection.
          • It perfectly decorates a wrist, ankle, forearm, neck ...


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