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Symbolic and Symbols of Onyx

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Tattoos and Onyx Rings

Tattoos and Onyx Rings - Onyx Symbols


Onyx Symbols

    • It is the stone of stability par excellence.
    • In Greek onyx means "nail", and mythology says that the onyx is born of a nail of Venus that fell to the ground.
    Piere Onyx noire
    • If men like to wear it is for its black and deep color.
    • They develop their instinct and their intuition, they orient their thought towards the concrete.
    Tas d'onyx noires sur fond blanc
    • In ancient times, onyx was used to protect oneself from the forces of evil.
    • The black carried by the religious gives an austere side, but it affirms their exigency, their will and their organization.
    Tas d'onyx noires



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