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Symbolic and Symbols of Metal

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Metal Biomechanical Tattoo

Metal Biomechanical Tattoo - Metal Symbols


Metal Symbols

  • Derived from the Greek "metallon", the metal word is approximated by René Alleau from the root "mé" or "mes", which is the oldest name given to the moon (ALLA, 62-63).
  • We can not speak of the symbolism of metal, forgetting the one who is at the origin, and who transforms the ores to make this precious material, the blacksmith.
  • They have often been partially excluded from the community, their activity of "infernal" order proving dangerous, but they have sometimes played, on the contrary, a key social role, and their professions have been able to support initiatives organizations ( cabiric mysteries of ancient Greece, Chinese and African brotherhoods).

Forgeron au travail

  • This relation to the forge, with its subterranean fire, brings a beneficial aspect which is based on Purification and Transmutation, as well as on the function of Transformer.

Métal en fusion qui coule

  • Jacob Boehme said of the pure metal that emerges from the ores: "The spirit emerging from the substance to become visible."

Forgeron au travail dans sa forge

  • Metals come from the subterranean world, and so are planetary elements, which themselves are the metals of the sky, and therefore by this link, metals symbolize Cosmic Energies.
  • In psychology, this relation to cosmic energies causes Jung to assimilate metal to Libido, and with their underground character, he relates them to sexual desires, and "to sublimate these is to operate a transmutation of vile metal into pure gold".


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