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Symbolic and Symbols of Diamond

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Diamond Tattoo

Diamond Tattoo man - Diamond Symbols


Diamond Symbols

  • Again, a tattoo that Democratizes more and more, for a long time in women, but enormously today in men too.

Diamant de profil avec reflets sur fond noir

  • Its etymological root in ancient Greek is "adamantem", and it means "invincible" just like the tattooed man
  • In the natural world the diamond is the hardest Precious Stone, we use a diamond to cut the glass, it is a symbol of Strength and Power but also again, of Invincibility.
  • He Shrines and Sparkles with the rays of the sun, he is a Solar symbol.
Bijoutier qui taille des diamants
  • The diamond is a gem so well known, recognized, even coveted, that it has become a universal symbol.
  • Worn on all the crowned heads of the world, he is also a Royal Symbol and still of Power.
  • In society, it is more often found on engagement rings because it is the symbol of Eternal Love and Infinity.
  • He is also a symbol of protection.

    Diamants de grandes et petites tailles posés sur une surface lisse

    • It is the hardest precious stone, and the instrument used to cut the glass is aptly named, and in communication, the diamond is often used as Symbols of Infinity and Eternity, "A diamond is eternal "as an old TV ad said.
    • And when it is displayed in the form of unapproachable adornment by mounting the Croisette it is good for its Glamor side but especially because it is the most recognized sign of wealth with all the power that money brings.
    • The transparency brought by this beautiful stone makes it considered a symbol of Purity.



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