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Symbolic and Symbols of Crystal

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Crystal Tattoo

Crystal Tattoo Man - Crystal Symbols


Crystal Symbols

  • Its very constitution gives it a transparency that makes it a symbol of purity, clairvoyance and lucidity, like the tattooed man

Plaque de cristal de quartz

  • With its transparency, and the appearance of the glass, the light passes through it and, depending on its intensity, it makes its outline disappear, so it is a visible element but also invisible.

Boule de cristal sur fond de ciel bleu

  • In many tales and legends, the crystal is associated with magic and mystery, but also with divination, such as the crystal ball that allows the initiated person to see and predict the future.

Crâne de cristal

  • A Native American legend tells that thirteen crystal skulls contain all the knowledge of the world still unknown to man, and that they would be hidden in different parts of the planet, but the day they are gathered, knowledge will be revealed, is what Spielberg tells in the fourth part of his "Indiana Jones".


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