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Symbolic and Symbols of Braided

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Hair Braid Tattoo

Hair braid tattoo - Symbols of the Hair Braid


Symbols of the Hair Braid

  • The braid pattern is just as common as that of the spiral, but it has very different meanings.
  • Like the nails or the limbs of a human being, the hair is supposed to preserve intimate relations with this one after their separation, they symbolize the properties by concentrating spiritually their virtues: they are united to him by a link of "sympathy" .

Cheval avec tresses

  • Hence, the worship of relics of saints - and especially a lock of hair - worship that includes not only an act of worship, but a desire to participate in their own virtues.
  • From there, in many families, the habit of retaining hair curls and first teeth of milk, and these practices mean more than the perpetuation of a memory, they reveal as a desire to survive the state of the who was wearing that hair.

Tondeuse à cheveux sur une table avec des cheveux

  • The hair most often represents certain virtues or certain powers of man: the force, virility, for example, in the biblical myth of Samson.
  • When Delila cuts Samson's 7 braids during his sleep, he loses his strength and thus wins in fragility.
  • His braids brought him his great strength, his power and his resistance.
  • This particularity brought to light and brought by his braids, was an integral part of his identity and for his entourage it was the one that was the most identified, the most known of him, the braid is a symbol of identity.
  • Because the hair is a link that makes him one of the magical symbols of appropriation, and identification.

Des mains tressent des fils

  • In Asia, the cutting or modification of the hair was often an instrument of collective domination, thus the mat imposed on the Chinese by their Manchu invaders.
  • For many people, she is also a great symbol of beauty.


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