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Stone Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Stone wall Tattoo

Stone wall Tattoo - Stone Symbols


Stone Symbols

  • In the tradition of many ancient cultures, stone has always been at the heart of many symbols, and for a great majority of them, the Brute Stone is connected to Heaven, from which it descends, then transmutes, it rises to him.

Pierres de rivière

  • When the stone is cut, it becomes a human work and desecrates the work of God, it symbolizes the human action substituted for the Creative Energy, and the raw stone was Symbol of Freedom, the cut stone of Servitude and Darkness.
  • If it is degraded when human activity is exerted on it, on the contrary, if it is the Celestial and Spiritual activity which is exerted on it, in order to make it a cut stone, it is ennobles.

Tailleur de pierre blanche

  • Stones are not inert masses; living stones fallen from the sky, they remain animated after their fall, and if the stone becomes the element of a construction, it is linked to the sedentarisation of the peoples and to a kind of cyclic crystallization.

Deux pierres rondes l'une sur l'autre


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