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Skull Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo man - Skull Symbols


Skull Symbols

  • The skull has different uses and meanings according to times and civilizations.
  • The jewels with a skull decoration are more and more numerous, and if they are so numerous, it is the sign that they are requested, and as for the jewels, the tattoo of the skull skeleton has also enormously democratized .
  • Association with a character denotes a Philosophical or even Mystic character.
Tatouage crâne squelette homme avec un câne à la main
  • "To be or not to be ..." states "Hamlet" in Shakespeare's play with a skull in his hand, is the proof that his symbols are numerous and are found in all eras, but already the report to the existence is emphasized.

Hommes et femmes avec peinture tête de mort sur le visage dans une fête traditionnelle

  • The Skull is the seat of Thought and Supreme Command, it is Symbols of Knowledge and Intelligence, but with its concave shape, many cultures consider it a counterpart of the Celestial Vault, which also explains the innumerable forms of Cult of Skulls (skulls of ancestors or skulls-trophies).

Rocher en forme de tête de mort dans un paysage naturel

  • In our ancestors, as for some Gauls, in the third century, when they won the victory over the Romans, they cut off the head of the leader to brandish it at the end of a spear, as Symbol of Victory, Power, and Superiority over his adversary, but also, because they believed that in this way, they took possession of Energies of their enemy and that they were added to theirs, allowing to Raise their own Power.
  • But human skulls are not the only ones to serve as trophies, in some categories of hunting people, it is the animal skull that we like to exhibit, and the bigger it is, the more its hunter is Valiant, Grandi and Recognized by its Pairs, but it is also for these Peoples a means of Affirming their Superiority.

Drapeau pirate

  • In some ancestral rituals, it was a useful instrument, and could serve as a cup.
  • In others, positioned on peaks at the entrance of a territory, it was a warning, the sign of a danger assured if the threshold was crossed Boutique L'Homme Tattoo Est - Montres et Bijoux pour homme - tatouage
  • For many people, it is perceived as a symbol of danger such as the symbol that represents the poison on the labels, or the pirate flag, ...
  • But if it is a symbol of danger, on the other hand, in the Middle Ages, it was worn as an amulet as Protection against death.
  • In some communities or movements, it is worn as a mark of Rebellion and a will to provoke.

La faucheuse / La mort avec la faux

  • But it can, too, have other meanings and be worn as a reminder of time flowing, and the Skull Tattoo is also worn to remind us of the Fate common to all forms of life on Earth, the ephemeral nature of the Existence, and must remind us of an essential Duty, to live fully, to live every moment!
  • The skull is a receptacle of life, but it also symbolizes physical death, through which one must pass to be reborn at a higher spiritual level.


Skull in our collections

Collier d'agates noires avec une tête de mort en pendentif Collier pendentif crâne squelette avec des brillants bleux dans les yeux Bague chevalière en forme de tête de mort argentée
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