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Signet Ring Symbols

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Signet ring Symbols



  • This ring has been worn by men for centuries, and more precisely in aristocratic circles. It symbolizes a function, as for example in the Clergy, that it is at most at the level of the echelon, with the Pope or even with the bishops.
  • It was also the mark, for the one who wore it, of its title, such as the King, the Knights, the Lords etc.
  • It could serve as a seal to "sign" a paper that was rolled and closed with hot wax, marked with the imprint of the Knight, identifying and authenticating, its author.


  • This ring symbol of power and wealth, has over time, by "vulgarize", to be worn by a greater number. Long after the aristocracy, one could in a sibling, recognize his elder who wore his signet ring to the left little finger, while his brothers had to bring it to the right. The signet ring has long been a symbol of inheritance and transmission.
  • In the 70s, when I was a child, my grandmother repeated to me many times: "When you grow up, grandma will buy you a signet ring".
  • A kind of family tradition that marked the transmission, the handover, the torch of a family memory.


  • Today, if the coat of arms is no longer a sign of a title or a function, the signet rings can be adorned with many decorations and motifs.
  • If tattooed men like to adorn their bodies with various and varied symbols, the signet ring, according to the chosen decoration, can affirm these symbols and amplify them, or complete them.

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