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Scorpio Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Scorpio Tattoo

Scorpio tattoo man and Scorpio Symbols


Scorpio Symbols

  • Many Africans avoid pronouncing his name because it is evil: to name it would have triggered forces against itself, and it is designated by allusions, like the hyena, often called the collapsed.
  • In the night, with his tail ending in a tumor stuffed with venom, feeding a sting always bandaged and ready to sting to death that brushes against it, he embodies the bellicose spirit, malicious mood, always ambushed and quick to kill; in the daytime, it symbolizes maternal abnegation and sacrifice, for its little ones, according to legend, plow its flanks and eat its bowels before appearing in the daytime (HAMK, 60).

Constellation du Scorpion

  • The scorpion is the hunting god of the Mayas, and in their glyphics it is used as a symbol of penance and bleeding (THOH).
  • The scorpion with eight legs, is the protector of the twins, totaling eight members: no one will touch them without exposing themselves to their sting (GRIE).
  • In Egypt, this dangerous arachnid gives shape to one of the oldest hieroglyphics; and his name to one of the predynastic rulers, the scorpion king.
  • His image, finished at the head of Isis, is at the top of some sceptres of Pharaohs, and he was even honored as a god, in the female form of the goddess Selket, benevolent person, since she gave power over her earthly manifestations to the charmers of Selket, an old corporation of healing wizards (POSD, 26).
  • Here the scorpion takes on all the symbolic ambivalence of the snake.

Scorpion mécanique


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