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Ruby Symbols and Symbolic

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Ruby Tattoo

Ruby Tattoo - Symbols Tattoo


Ruby Symbols

  • From the Latin "rubeus" which means red, the ruby ​​is the most rare precious stone which explains its high cost.
  • For jewelry designers, the ruby ​​is passionate and comes mainly from Burma.

Bijou en or avec des rubis

    • This stone has the color of the blood and shines of 1000 fires in the sun, which associates this stone with the Passion and the Love.
    • For centuries this stone has fascinated, it is also a symbol of Victories, and if you look at the royal crowns, they were adorned with them, also symbolizing Courage, Strength and Power.
    • In many ancient cultures, as in ancient times for example, the ruby ​​was a symbol of Victory and also of Extreme Happiness.

    Fruit de la Grenade couleur rouge rubis

    • According to Portal, the ruby ​​was considered in ancient times as the emblem of happiness and "he banished sadness and repressed lust, he resisted venom, warned of the plague and diverted bad thoughts."
    • And according to the bishop Marbode this stone "... surpasses all the most ardent stones, throws rays such as a charcoal lit, whose darkness can not come to the end to extinguish the light."

    Tas de pierres précieuses diverses dont des rubis


    Ruby in our collections

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