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Red Color Symbols and Symbolic

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Red Ink Tattoo

Red Ink Tattoo - Red Color Symbolism


Red Color Symbols

  • Red is the color of blood, the blood that animates all animal life on earth, it is considered the fundamental symbol of the Principle of Life,

Paysage de mer rouge avec ciel rouge


  • It is the color of life in its most Volontarist and most powerful dimension,


  • But it's also the color of glowing embers and fire, so it's the color of Energy, Strength, Courage and Dynamism

Barbecue avec charbon et braises rouges


Feu rouge sur fond noir
  • The dark red has different symbols of the bright red, in society, the dark red is used to alert, hold back, or even worry, like the red light in the traffic, the red lamp outside a studio of recording, radio or television, or an operating theater, etc.
  • Red incites Action, not Reflection, a red light, we stop without asking any questions! For (KANC): "The bright red, bright, centrifugal, is diurnal, male, tonic, inciting action, casting like a sun its radiance on everything with an immense and irreducible power."


  • If Carmen, like other cinematographic heroines and others, is often represented in a red dress, it is of course because red is the color of Passion and Love.
  • Carmen has a strong personality, she is brave and dynamic.
  • But beyond love with a big "A", this color is also associated with libido and sex, and in older times, it was easy to recognize house clauses, they had a red light to the outside, and we all heard, in the joking tone, what could mean "having a big red car" ...
Carmen dans une robe rouge


Cardinal Richelieu dans sa robe rouge
  • Cardinal Richelieu wore a purple red dress for his symbol of Power.
  • But for the Arab alchemists, the red sulfur is the symbol of the universal man,



Video about the Symbolic and the Meanings of the color Red

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