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Pisces Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Pisces Tattoo

Pisces Tattoo man - Pisces Symbols


Pisces Symbols

  • In astrology, twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac, the Pisces are just before the equinox of Spring, and symbolize the psyche, this dark, inner world, by which one communicates with the god or the devil; which is reflected in the horoscope by a nature lacking in consistency, very receptive and impressionable.
  • Their traditional master is the planet Jupiter, to which, after its discovery, Neptune was added.

Constellation des Poissons

  • The astrological term of the aquatic ternary can be assimilated to the winter floods, to the dissolving and engulfing waves of a purifying deluge, as to the moving and anonymous mass of the oceans in which everything flows.
  • Here, Humide reigns supreme, as a principle of diffusion, dilution, enveloping, fusion of parts in a totality, this being extensivity to the extent of the fluid immensity that surrounds us, even the infinite cosmic ocean.
  • The tradition represents the sign of two fish contiguous in the opposite direction and connected by a kind of umbilical cord mouth-mouth.

Représentation du signe des Poissons

  • Under his auspices, we participate in the tide of the grand universe and belong to the community of all men of the earth, like the drop of water aggregated to the ocean.
  • We are also situated in the world of indistinction, undifferentiated, drowned, confused, by the erasure of particularisms, in favor of the unlimited, to go from zero to infinity.
  • This sign has been placed under the supervision of Jupiter as a process of amplification, and especially under that of Neptune, as an archetype of universal dissolution and integration, from the original silt to the final fusion.

Zodiaque du signe des Poissons

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