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Pentagram Symbols and Symbolic

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Pentagram Tatoo

Pentagram Tattoo man - Pentagram Symbols

Pentacle Tattoo

Pentacle Tattoo man


Pentagram Symbols

  • Not to be confused with the pentacle, surrounded by a circle, found in witchcraft, the pentagram is a five-pointed star, its symbolism is multiple, but it is always based on the number five, which expresses union of the unequal, and it is, as such, a microcosm.
  • Four of them represent the elements: water, fire, air and earth,
  • The fifth is the union of all these elements, or the union of the unequal, as said above.
  • In itself, it is the balance of our spirit with the world of nature.


  • The pentagram serves as a sign of recognition to members of the same society; for example, in ancient times, between Pythagoreans: he joined the group and he was one of the keys to high science: he opened the way to secrecy.
  • The pentagram still means marriage, happiness, fulfillment, and the ancients considered it a symbol of the idea of ​​Perfect.
  • In Europe, he was not only a symbol of knowledge, but a means of conjuration and acquisition of power; figures of pentagrams were used by the magicians to exercise their power: there were pentagrams of love, bad spells, etc.

Pentagramme lumineux sur fond noir

  • For the Freemasons, the pentagram was called "Flaming Star", and Ragon reserves this interpretation: "She was (the Flaming Star), among the Egyptians, the image of the son of Isis and the sun, author seasons and emblem of the movement, of this Horus, symbol of this raw material, an inexhaustible source of life, of that spark of sacred fire, universal seed of all beings.It is, for the Masons, the emblem of the genius which raises the soul has great things."


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