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Pearl Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Pearl Tattoo

Pearl Tattoo and Pearl Symbol


Pearl Symbols

  • Since the dawn of time, with its perfect spherical shape, and its sparkling color, the pearl has always been the symbol of perfect and pure beauty.
  • The Pearl is sought for its Refinement, Esthetics and Beauty, but because it is rare, it becomes Precious.
  • Because it is deemed flawless, because it is Blanche, that the fact of being drawn from a muddy water or a coarse shell does not alter it, the Pearl is Symbol of Purity.

Perles blanches dans une coquille

  • The Pearl is hidden in its shell, like that of the Truth, of the Knowledge, its acquisition requires an effort and for (SHABESTARI) the Pearl is "the science of the heart: when the Gnostic found the pearl, the task of his life is Accomplished."

Coffre en bois avec colliers de perles blanches

  • According to legend, the Pearl is born by the effect of lightning, or by the fall of a drop of dew in the shell: it is in any case the trace of Celestial activity and the embryo of a birth, bodily or spiritual, like the bindu in the conch, the pearl-Aphrodite in its shell.
Collier de perles blanches avec une rose
  • The rarity of the pearl as well as its beauty have made its great fame and for a long time men like to offer it to their lady, it is symbol of love in fullness.
  • Mostly white, pure and intense white, it is also a symbol of innocence and humility.
  • This universal recognition and its value make the pearl also associated with the meaning of gratitude or gratitude.
  • On a religious, spiritual or even dream interpretation, it symbolizes the mystical center or the soul.

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