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Orange Color Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Orange Ink Tattoo

Orange Ink Tattoo man - Orange color Symbols


Orange color Symbols

  • Orange and orange are the most actinic of colors, halfway between yellow and red, this color symbolizes the point of balance of mind and libido, but this balance tends to break in one way or the other, and then it becomes the revelation of divine love, or the emblem of lust.
  • In the first case, it is, no doubt, the saffron robe of the Buddhist monks and the orange velvet cross of the Knights of the Holy Spirit.


Ciel de nuages oranges au coucher du soleil

  • The veil of the betrothed, the "flammeum", is for Portal the emblem of the perpetuity of marriage - and thus corresponds, in the profane sense, to the oriflamme of the sacred; the veil that Virgil gives to Helen is saffron.
  • The Muses, which appear in some versions as the daughters of heaven and earth, and whose importance is known in the Apollonian cults, would also be dressed in saffron.
Photo de fleurs oranges


Rose orange
  • The hyacinth stone, orange in color, was considered a symbol of fidelity (BUDA, 129).
  • It was the emblem of one of the twelve tribes of Israel on the breastplate of the high priest of Jerusalem; it is found on the crown of the Kings of England, where it symbolizes the temperance and sobriety of the King (MARA, 277).
  • When burned, this stone becomes discolored, which, according to Portal, explains the expression of constant faith, which triumphs over the ardor of passions and extinguishes them.



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