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Lion Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Lion Tattoo

Lion tattoo man and Lion Symbols


Lion Symbols

  • Fifth sign of the Zodiac, it occupies the middle of summer, this sign is characterized by the blooming of nature under the warm rays of the Sun, which is its planetary master.
  • Heart of the Zodiac, it expresses the joy of living, ambition, pride and elevation.
  • Powerful, sovereign, solar symbol and bright to the extreme, the lion king of animals is loaded with qualities and defects inherent to his rank.

Lion qui porte une couronne royale

  • If he is the very incarnation of Power, of Wisdom, of Justice, on the other hand, the excess of his pride and his assurance make him the symbol of the Father, the Master, the Sovereign, dazzled by his own power. blinded by his own light and becomes a tyrant, believing himself to be a protector.
  • The sign is represented by the majestic creature of the king of the animals, emblem of the sovereign power, the noble force, and it is coupled to the Sun, the sign and the star being symbolic of life in the aspects of the heat, light, radiance, power, and radiant aristocracy.

Constellation du Lion

  • So the Leonean score is similar to a triumphal ode in coppered gold, a blaze of vital ardor, and to this zodiac type corresponds the character to the highest power: the Passionate, to be of will by the pressure of the need and the taste of acting, this emotional-active force being disciplined and goal-oriented and serving ambitions far-fetched.
  • It is a strong nature, born to make life sing with full voice and to find its supreme reason for living, by bursting a resounding note to the firmament of its destiny.
  • This power can be exerted in horizontal spreading and gives a Herculean type while realism, in effectiveness, in concrete force, in the physical presence, and it can also be deployed in vertical tension and gives an Apollonian type, idealistic, in which the powers luminous tend to reign supreme.

Signe zodiacal du Lion



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