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Knight Symbols and Symbolic

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Knight Tattoo

Knight Tattoo Man - Knight Symbols


Knight Symbols

  • The institution of chivalry may have disappeared, even before the end of the Ancien Regime, but the knight survives, not only in western literature of the Middle Ages, but in all modern literatures.
  • The idea of ​​the knight, even outside his history, is an element of universal culture and a superior type of humanity.
  • Although it no longer corresponds to realities existing in institutions, it does express, in the form of symbols, a certain number of values.

Deux chevaliers en train de combattre

  • The ideal of chivalry would be summed up in an agreement of absolute loyalty to the beliefs and commitments to which all life is subjected, and it expresses a refusal of the corruption in the room, and especially in its aspect of felony, whose followers are not however not perfectly unscathed.
  • Violent, brutal, sensual, rude, impatient, knights are not faultless models; some of them, however, show a great refinement in relation to the customs of their time, which they contribute to soften.
chevaliers avec des décors de chevalerie


Chevalier dans une fêt éclairé par un rayon de lumière
  • If the symbol of the knight is entirely internalized, that is to say if it concerns only the spiritual struggle - as some authors claim - it tends to be confused with that of the saint and we quote in this sense the examples of St. Louis and St. Ignatius of Loyola, but it also loses all specific meaning, if it is identified with that of the king.
  • It would be better to characterize him as the master of his mount, which may be, indeed, his horse, his own self, or the service of the king, or the devotion to the lady elected or the exercise of a function, or the conduct of war, etc.
  • This mastery, which consists of an exact possession of the means necessary for the ends pursued, is accompanied by a kind of mystical gift to a superior being: God, the king, the country, the lady, the service, etc., and the knight He is not a sovereign, he is a servant and is realized in action for a great cause.

Chevalier dans un bois

  • The symbol of the knight is part of a combat complex and an intention to spiritualize the fight, and this spiritualization is accomplished either by the choice of a superior cause, by the choice of noble means, or by the admission in an elite society, either by the search for an extraordinary leader, to whom one wishes to act of allegiance.
  • His dream of chivalry is characterized by a morally very high and somewhat sacred character and he fights against all the forces of evil, including the institutions of society, when they seem to him to violate his internal requirements.
  • The patron saint of the knights is the archangel Saint Michael, who has shown himself in his fight with the devil, whom he is planting, and with the army of evil that he routed.



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