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Jewel Symbols and Symbolic

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Jewel Treasure Tattoo

Jewel Treasure Tattoo - Jewel Symbols


Jewel Symbols

  • The word Jewel has had particular meanings over the centuries, some of which are still used, as early as the Middle Ages, when one begins to speak of "girls of joy", concupiscence and reciprocal attraction of the sexes that each one names the instrument of the other "a jewel", or rather "The Jewel", in the most anatomical and functional sense of the term, since "the olisbos" will be designated under the name of "artificial jewel".

Coffre en bois avec des bijoux

  • Diderot, Parny, and many authors inspired by the wisdom of the nations, will renew this image until the nineteenth century, and today, the expression has been extended to "family jewels", to qualify the whole of the world. device that is the most precious part of his person.

Tas de bijoux

  • And then, moral and puritanism helping, just as joy becomes the pleasure of the soul, the jewel, as soon as one preaches the vanity of things down here, discovers an esoteric sense that can go as far as to make it a substitute or a figure of the soul in the Jungian sense of the term.


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