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Horse Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Horse Tattoo

Horse Tattoo Man - Horse Symbols


Horse Symbols

2 chevaux face à face en train de cabrer
  • The destiny of the horse, for millennia, is intimately linked to that of man, and just like him, it can be beneficial or evil and a belief, which seems anchored in the memory of all peoples, originally associates the horse with Darkness of the Chtonic world, let it arise, galloping like the blood in the veins, from the bowels of the earth or from the depths of the sea.


  • Son of night and mystery, this archetypal horse carries both death and life, linked to fire, destructive and triumphant, and water, nurturing and asphyxiating.


  • Dressed in a majestic white dress, it is a solar symbol, directly connected to the land of Gods and Heroes.
  • This celestial white horse represents the controlled, controlled and sublime instinct, and it is perceived as the most noble conquest of man.
Cheval blanc dans la neige


  • For the peoples of the steppe of Central Asia, the horse is bound to magical powers, and has mysterious powers, he is the guide reached Clairvoyance.




  • In Greek mythology, Pegasus carries lightning to Zeus, he is not seen as a magical animal, but a Celestial and Divine horse, he represents the sublimation of instinct, and represents the Wise Initiate.



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