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Heart Symbols and Symbolic

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Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoo Man and Heart Symbols


Heart Symbols

  • The heart is the central organ of the individual, it corresponds in a very general way to the notion of "center".

Flamants roses qui forment un coeur

  • If in the West it is the seat of the Feelings, for traditional civilizations, it is the seat of Intelligence and Intuition, as if the "center" of the personality had moved from Intellectuality to the effectiveness.

 Mains en forme de coeur dans un ciel au coucher du soleil

  • Pascal says that "(...) great thoughts come from the heart."
  • It can also be said that, in traditional cultures, knowledge is understood in a very broad sense, which does not exclude affective values.
  • The heart is indeed the vital center of the human being, insofar as it ensures the circulation of blood, "and that is why it is taken as a symbol, and not of course as an actual seat, of intellectual functions."(CHEVALIER).

Nuages en forme de cœur dans le ciel bleu

  • "In modern traditions, the heart has become a symbol of secular love, of charity as divine love, of friendship and righteousness." (TERS)
  • The double movement (systole and diastole) of the heart also makes it the symbol of the double movement of expansion and resorption of the universe, and is therefore the origin of the cycles of time.
  • According to Clement of Alexandria, God, the "heart of the world," manifests itself in the six directions of space, and Allah is likewise "Heart of hearts and Spirit of spirits".


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