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Green Color Symbols and Symbolic

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Green Ink Tattoo

Green Ink Tattoo man - Green color symbols


Green Color Symbols

  • Between blue and yellow, green results from their chromatic interferences.
  • Green is a medium value, a mediator between warm and cold, high and low, and it is a Reassuring, Refreshing and Human color.
  • Green is the color of water, just as red is the color of fire, and so man has always felt instinctively the relations of these two colors as analogous to those of his essence and existence.
  • When we think of the color green, we all have in mind its symbol of Nature, first because it is included in the name or logos of many ecological and environmental organizations, but also because we also think walks in the forest where the green is very represented in the Natural Environment.

Paysage de montagne tout vert


  • Always linked to nature, especially the Cycles of Life of trees and plants, with the arrival of spring and the blossoming of natural elements, this perpetual rebirth that has existed since the installation of life on earth, also a symbol of Stability and Balance; This color is also a symbol of Renaissance.
Méditation en milieu naturel vert


Aurore boréale verte
  • We can still relate to this natural phenomenon, another meaning, related to the feeling that one can feel during the long winter period with that of Hope that we feel with the approach of the arrival of Spring he is therefore a symbol of Hope.
  • Green is the awakening of life and Vishnu, who carries the world, is represented in the form of a green-faced turtle.



  • Its symbol of balance also makes this soothing color, which invites to calm and rest, also makes one have a feeling of being happy, and in harmony.

Paysage vert de montagne avec cabane en bois



Video about the Symbolic and the Meanings of Green Color

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