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God Odin Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Viking God Odin Tattoo

Viking God Odin Tattoo - God Odin Symbols


God Odin Symbols

  • In general, the symbols of Divinity are principally those of the father, the judge, the almighty, and the sovereign, because the study of God (theology) is linked to that of being (ontology), these two terms have often been confused and each of them taken for the symbol of the other, in that sense, that they refer to each other.
  • In Scandinavian mythology, the god Odin is the main and the most important.
  • He reigns over the kingdom of Asgard and lives on the heights of the world tree.

Dessin du Dieu Odin

  • Odin the Wise is the god of Knowledge and Knowledge, which he has acquired by sacrificing his eye, and this has brought him respect from others.

Dessin d'un guerrier Viking

  • He combines functions and gifts such as the god of war, wrath and death.
  • He has the ability to deceive his enemies by changing his appearance.


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