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Gemini Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Gemini Tattoo

Gemini tattoo man and Gemini Symbols


Gemini Symbols

  • General symbol of duality in resemblance and even in identity; it is the image of all oppositions, interior and exterior, contrary, or complementary, relative or absolute, which are resolved in a creative tension; the Gemini phase ends with the opening of the summer.
  • Third sign of the Zodiac, located before the summer solstice, the main sign of Mercury, it is above all the double symbol of human contacts, transports, communications, contingencies of the environment in which we live, polarity, even sexual.
Constellation des Gémeaux
  • Two entwined ephebes represent this sign called double, which introduces us into the world of polar opposites: masculine-feminine, darkness-light, subject-object, interior-exterior ... This is how it is in affinity with Mercury, messenger with wings on his feet and emblazoned with the caduceus.
  • In the zodiacal concert, the score of the third sign would be more like the presto of the arpeggio, and here we no longer enjoy the hot flow of instincts; the mind intervenes in the game of the personality that composes a duet with sensitivity.

Pièce de monnaie avec signe des gémeaux

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Bracelet en cuir avec signes du zodiaque dont le sagittaire


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