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Feather Symbols ans Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoo and Feather Symbols


Feather Symbols

  • The feather is directly related to the flight of the bird, and if the expression "to be free like a bird" has become symbolic, it is indeed what the tattoo of a feather symbolizes above all, Liberty ... Freedom in the philosophy of spiritual life, or mental, but also physical.

Plume marron sur fond blanc

  • The pen has also been used for writing, it is also a symbol of Knowledge and Knowledge.

Plume pour écrire avec une feuille blanche

  • In some rites, the feather was also used for its magical power and as an instrument of healing, because it was perceived as a symbol of Solar Power.

Plume blanche avec une goutte d'eau

  • For the Shamanists, the symbolic function of the pen is linked to the rituals of heavenly ascension, and therefore symbolizes Clairvoyance and Divination.
  • For many Indian peoples of North America, but already among pre-Columbians such as the Mayas or the Aztecs, the feather is a symbol of Plant Growth.

Plumes de paon violettes, bleues et vertes

  • The feather crown of kings and queens of certain peoples, reminiscent of the Sun Rays crown, the halo reserved for predestined beings, and their rite of coronation is similar to the rites of identification of the Sun-God or the of a delegation of a Celestial Power, this is how the pen is a Symbol of an Air Power, freed from the heaviness of this world.


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