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Eye Symbols and Symbolic

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Eye Tattoo

Eye Tattoo man - Eye Symbols


Eye Symbols

  • The eye, the organ of visual perception, is naturally, but also universally, the symbol of intellectual perception,
  • It allows man to decipher the world around him and therefore symbolizes Knowledge.

Oeil de la connaissance

  • In communication, he often represents the communication precisely Watches and Jewelry for man with tattoo Boutique L'Homme Tattoo Est - Montres et Bijoux pour homme avec tatouage
  • But it is also, very often, a means of representing knowledge.

Gros oeil

  • But according to what he looks at, with the information transmitted to the brain that interprets it, he can give birth to Desire.
  • In many tales and legends, controlling the eye means controlling its power.
  • "He who has eyes" expressly refers to the shaman, the clairvoyant, among the Eskimos.
  • To get a tattoo is to want to have control over its power.
  • The ancient Egyptians wore an amulet on which was represented the eye of their God Horus to drive out the evil eye.


Eye in our ollections

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