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Eagle Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Man - Eagle Symbols


Eagle Symbols

  • In tattooing, each animal has its meaning according to its species, the bird will have different symbols but in a universal way, it symbolizes freedom by its flight and peace, such as the Dove of Picasso.
  • The eagle is often confused with other species but it is the king, and therefore symbolizes the divine power.

Aigle en vol


Aigle en vol dans un ciel gris

  • King of the birds, incarnation, substitute or messenger of the highest "Uranian" divinity and celestial fire, the sun, which he alone dares to fix without burning his eyes. A symbol so considerable that there is no narrative or image, historical or mystical, in our civilization as in all the others, where the eagle does not accompany, when it does not represent them, the greatest gods as the greatest heroes: he is the attribute of Zeus (Jupiter) and of Christ, the imperial emblem of Caesar and Napoleon, and in the American prairies as in Siberia, Japan, China, as in Africa, shamans priests and soothsayers as well as kings and warlords borrow his attributes to participate in his powers.
  • He is also the primitive and collective symbol of the father and all the figures of fatherhood.


  • And King of the Birds: The eagle crowns the general symbolism of these, which is that of the higher spiritual states and therefore angels, as the biblical tradition often testifies: "All four had an eagle face. wings were spread upward, each had two wings touching and two wings covering his body, and they were going where the spirit was pushing them ... "(Ezekiel 1, 10).
  • These images are an expression of transcendence: nothing resembles him, even if one multiplies the most noble attributes of the eagle. And in Revelation (4, 7-8) "The living fourth is like an eagle in flight ..."
Tête d'aigle sur un coucher de soleil


 Te^te d'aigle en Gros plan


  • The eagle is a bird capable of catching large prey on the ground with its talons and thus symbolizes strength.
  • In tales and legends, the human spirit that becomes an eagle has access to clairvoyance and intelligence.
  • The eagle tattoo draws its meanings from tradition and modernity at the same time.


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