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Dragon Symbols and Symbolic

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Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo man - Dragon Symbols


Dragon Symbols

  • There are many pictures of dragon tattoo on the web.
  • If it is so popular, it is because these symbols are Strong and its Legendary side makes it a Mysterious animal.

Dessin d'un dragon dans les airs avec un château

  • When we talk about Dragons, we often think of the Orient, where he is still Celebrated: At the Chinese New Year, in Astrology, and the dragon marks each year the Birth of Spring ...
  • But dragons are very famous on all continents, from East to West, and we find them in different tales and legends.
  • We find them in the history of all civilizations, it is thus a universal symbol.
  • The dragon fascinates from his Powers and his Strength, he can walk, Fly, they are Cosmic, and they Spit Fire, they are Bright.
  • Its size is imposing and evokes strength and power.

Dragon sur un toit qui crache le feu

  • In the tales and legends told in the cinema the dragons are always feared by men, but there is always one who respects them and happens to become their friend, and it is of course, in all cases, always the hero of the story.
  • The Vikings, in Nordic mythology, were already sculpting dragon figurines on the bow of their boat.
  • These dragons or dreki, (plural of drekar) were their emblem, especially because of the primordial role that they play in the Fate of a Hero.

homme sur un dragon dans les airs

  • In some stories, he can also communicate through thought and read in the depths of the human soul, he has a hypnotic side.

Tête de dragon qui crache le feu

  • For the fans of Tolkien and his writings on the hobbit, a dragon watches over an immense treasure, and it is not for nothing since it is assimilated in many civilizations to this function, guardian of the treasure, giving him the symbol protection.
  • The representation of a pearl between his claws in some tattoos is proof.
  • His eyes remain eternally in Alert, he does not know sleep and is symbolically attached to the Instant Present.
  • The dragon sees everything and hypnotizes humans in the depths of their souls (The word Drakon comes from the Greek word Derkomai which means "gaze").

guerrie avec une hâche face à un dragon dans les airs et un château

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