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Chain Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Chain Tattoo

Chain Tattoo and Chain Symbols

Chain Symbols

  • The chain necklace is a set of linked elements, connected to each other ... and once closed these nested elements gives the chain a representation of continuity.

Chaîne reliant deux roues crantées

  • In some ancestral cultures, the chains were a mark of honor and, above all, a way of distinguishing themselves as for the Roman soldiers who had distinguished themselves on the battlefield by valiant feats of arms, they were rewarded with bracelets and chains of silver or gold.

Chaîne de bateau sur un quai

    • At times, it may be necessary to have to "make the chain", as it was done a few centuries ago to extinguish a fire for example, it was already symbol of Solidarity.
    • To be able to "make the chain" and pass the seals of water quickly, one must stand at a good distance from each other, the chain is a symbol of Continuity and Determinism.
    • This custom also recalls another expression "unity is strength", and for this, the chain symbolizes the Union and the Brotherhood.

    Chaîne d'ADN

    • For some peoples, the chain is also a symbol of Descendancy, and for the great pre-Columbian chiefs, like the turquoises, they were a Solar symbol.
    • For the freemasons, it is a strong symbol and they close their work by a chain of union, it illustrates, for them, very strong links, with the symbols of Solidarity, Fraternity and Union, it represents their determinism to find the path of wisdom through communion.

    Chaîne sur le sol

    • The silver chain symbolizes a link of Affection.


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