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Capricorn Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Capricorn Tattoo

Capricorn Tattoo and Capricorn Symbols


Capricorn Symbols

  • Tenth sign of the Zodiac, which begins at the winter solstice, the gate of the gods, when the apparent death of nature corresponds to spiritual fullness, at the time of the greatest ingenuity of man, left free by the absence of seasonal labor.
  • Symbol of the end of a cycle and, above all, of the beginning of a new cycle: this is the sign that inaugurates the zodiac of the Far East.
  • It expresses patience, perseverance, prudence, industry, fulfillment, sense of duty, and is placed under the control of Saturn.

Constellation du signe du capricorne

  • For the northern hemisphere, Capricorn symbolizes the stripping, retraction and concentration of winter in its severe magnitude; it is assimilated at midnight of Christmas, the summit of cold and darkness; hour zero for the seed buried on the ground for the distant harvest.
  • The Earth element begins its process: it is the winter earth in the depths of which the slow and painful work of vegetation is elaborated.
  • This departure mates dialectically with a notion of arrival, destination, purpose, conceived as a terrestrial noon, a summit.

Signe du Zodiaque du Capricorne

  • The sign is represented by a fabulous animal half-goat, half dolphin, or a goat, quadruped climber attracted by the peaks.
  • It is governed by Saturn, himself associated with all that is hard, ungrateful, dark and obscure, pitiless god of time that crystallizes man in his supreme ambitions, when he does not condemn it to the stripping and renunciation.
  • The capricornian nature bears the mark of this cold, silent, immobile universe, and it is built up in a first movement of withdrawal and concentration; the deserted life the exterior of this character, which often has the greyness of simplicity, sobriety, effacement; it takes refuge in its depths and it is the slow rise of these deep forces, often long ignored by being itself, that allows it to assert its value by assuring it full self-government.
  • This self-control is the result of a patient drive of the will, exercised to assert his control over instinct and sensitivity.

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