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Cancer Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Cancer Tattoo

Cancer tattoo man and Cancer Symbols


Cancer Symbols

  • Fourth sign of the zodiac which is located immediately after the summer solstice when the days begin to diminish, its hieroglyph which resembles two spirals expresses the change of direction of the solar movement, which becomes descending, whereas until now it was ascending, and schematically represents the waves of life.
  • Lunar sign, it means withdrawal, sensitivity, shyness and tenacity.

Constellation du Cancer

  • With Cancer arises a whole aquatic universe; it presents itself as the symbol of the original water: from calm and deep mother-waters to a murmuring source, passing by breast milk and vegetable sap.
  • The crayfish or crab that represents it is a living water animal under a protective shell; the spirit of the waters intimately associates a value of internal, intimate, or interior, which reminds that the drafts and prefigurations of the reviving life, germs, eggs, fetuses and buds, are surrounded by shells, dies, barks and envelopes, intended to shelter the power of resurrection enclosed in these cuirasses.

Signe du cancer sur fond de zodiaque

  • In the zodiacal concert, the Carrierian score, when it is not a question of silence, is like a melodic murmur of twilight or a dreamy chiaroscuro song, and the nature of the Carrienne comes from the development of sensibility. , the child's soul with the mother, as well as the rise of the imagination with its world of subjectivity, memory, dream, romance, fantasy, lyricism ...

Dessin du signe du cancer sur galaxie


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