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Brown Colour Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Brown Ink Tattoo

Brown Ink Tattoo - Brown color symbols


Brown Colour Symbols

Feuilles mortes marron sur le sol
  • We talk about "red earth", by the presence of iron oxide, we also speak of "black earth", after volcanic eruptions, but when we talk about land, it is still the brown color that comes to us in mind, and that's normal, because it's the Predominant color, and that's why, this color is the symbol of our "Mother Nature".


  • And Mother Nature loves this color so much that brown is one of the most represented colors in the worlds, plant and animal. Ask a child to draw a tree, for the vast majority, it is the chestnut that will be used to make tree trunks.
Tas de bois coupés rangés les uns sur les autres


Chataignes sur le sol
  • The tree that takes root in the earth and stands proudly towards the sky, makes this color a symbol of Stability and Security.
  • This maternal side, given by Mother Nature, makes this color Sweet and Reassuring.
  • And at the same time, relate to these two last symbols, those of Protection and Serenity.


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