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Blue Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Blue Ink Tattoo

Blue Ink Tattoo - Blue Symbols


Blue Colour Symbols

  • Strangely, in many civilizations of the Antiquity, one does not find the word blue in any writing, as for the Greeks for example, where Homère speaks to us of a sea "dark Bordeaux" in his Odyssey, but never blue, the Greeks seemed not to perceive her.
Chien qui hurle à la mort sur une colline un soir de nuit bleue étoilée


  • Only the Egyptians were able to recognize it, to name it and therefore to reproduce it, but with rare, precious elements and especially, its preparation required a very long work.


  • If you look at paintings representing many French kings, among others, you will often find the blue color in their clothes, fleur de lis on blue background etc etc, it is precisely because it was so expensive and so difficult to manufacture that he ended up becoming a Royal Symbol.

Nuit bleue avec un phare sur des rochers face à l'océan


  • Nowadays, in terms of visual communication, we associate the blue with the Intelligence, and therefore, with all that is New and Innovative, it is only necessary to look at the choice made by Mark Zuckerberg for his logo Facebook.


  • And on a more universal level, still today, who can say that he never uttered the expression "white sand, coconut palms and turquoise sea"? This color is also a symbol of the Dream.


Blue Colour in our collections

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