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Black Colour Symbols and Symbolic

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L'Homme Tattoo Est... Symbolique


Polynesian Tattoo with Black Ink

Polynesian Tattoo with Black Ink man - Black color symbols

Black Colour Symbols

  • "It grinds black", "I was blackballed, ... Many are the expressions that take the name of the color with meanings not really happy ... and in many cultures, one dresses in black, often to signify our mourning, but this color has many other meanings, even more stylish!
  • In the Hindu religion, it is its opposite, the black symbolizes the immortality represented by their god Krishna, also known as the "black God".

Paysage dans la nuit noire

  • Plunged into darkness, the visible universe that surrounds us becomes invisible, and in the "dark night" there is an atmosphere of mystery.

Cigne noir

  • Black is the absence or sum of colors, their negation or synthesis.
  • Bright black is hot, it represents the sum of colors, and becomes the Divine Light par excellence according to the Muslim mystics.
  • In the profane, the brilliant black is the black "moreau" of the couriers of the Russian folk tradition, symbolizing the ardor and power of youth.
  • In the images of the world, black is placed on the North-South axis, which is that of absolute Transcendence and poles.
  • As the night contains the promise of dawn and winter that of spring, black is also committed to the promise of a renewed life.


    • At the Freemasons, the new initiate is invited to enter the Temple blindfolded, he then goes on his initiatory journey wandering in the dark, not knowing what is around him, only the voices and a hand on the shoulder accompany him. At the end of the journey, the bandage is removed, it comes out of the dark to enter the Light, symbol of Renaissance, path that leads from ignorance to Truth and Wisdom.
    Trou noir dans l'espace


    Homme en costume noir
    • When the Directors and actors climb the steps in Cannes in their black tuxedos, it's not because they are in mourning, but because black is also a symbol of Elegance, Distinction, Luxury and Refinement.


    Video on the Symbolic and the Meanings of Black Color

    Réalisation Pascal M. Boutique en Ligne "L'Homme Tattoo Est"


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